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Trudi Schifter
Started by Trudi Schifter on
09 Feb 2012 at 11:31
Know-how: Software & Services, Water, Venture Capital, C-level

Please post links that you would like to see added to the Mosaic on the home page here! or suggestions for improved functionality. We will keep you updated in a reply.


Trudi Schifter
Questions from todays call that I will get back to you all on:
1. does the LinkedIn API support RSS feed? improvements of LinkedIn integration
2. can we sort the Water Network maps by topic, ie Smart Water Companies , in addition to adding them on the map on this homepage
3. can we link the company name of a member to their company profile page on the Organization map
4. in comments, or other areas of content entry, if the site is slow, you can resubmit the same content multiple times. Can we show an error, like Twitter does, this content has already been submitted? if it is exactly the same

requested features that we have planned: IM real time chat, Webinar, Library content access rights, creating a newsletter on the site, sending an html email with a link to content page on the site ie newsletter